The Sunday Six: Edition 33

if you're thinking i forgot about the sunday six this week, you are correct my young grasshoppa.  today snuck up (sneaked up?) on me.  It snuck me is what it did.
if you wondering what i mean by that, let me school you in the ways of urban vocabulary.

snuck: get suckapunched.unexpected punch

for example, 'corey was hatin' on me, so i caught him in tha hood an' snuck that fool.'
so yeah, sunday snuck me. or more exactly, the sunday six snuck me.
okay, so here we go.
this bag
no really. have you ever seen a bag that was more FALL?  i die.  anthropologie is so cruel though unto my very soul.  they tease me with all their "I am SO cool! I am SO lovely"!   
I know you are!  why, why must you be so expensive?  and then i cry.... waaahhhhhhh
sett & reset tote

and now i'm asking myself, have i already posted this? i'm too lazy to peruse earlier posts.  here's the deal though, i don't really care.  if i posted it twice, it's because it is so cool that it should be dually noted.  so there, dually noted.  (i think.)(unless i'm wrong and it's only singularly noted.)(in which case, i reserve the right to post it again in the future.)(so as to make it a dual notation.)  
improved vision
i spent the better part of this week at a homeschool conference doing just that and i feel incredibly refreshed and re-energized (energized again)(hah-lay-loo-juh) toward that endeavor.  i know no one can identify with this, but sometimes i grow weary of mothering. i need constant messages of assurance, repeated messages that i can RELAX. 
the color red
i love the color red.  red is rad. iiiiii like it.
pillsbury pizza crust
this stuff is really good.  it somehow manages to be perfectly crispy and yet still perfectly soft.  i've eaten it several times in a day and still not grown sick of it.  that's a sign of greatness.
sometimes you need a break and when you get one it feels so good.
i love that.

these words
...are part of what helped me to set my eyes a-right this week.

"Children are souls to be nurtured, 
not products to be measured."
(relax.  enjoy your children. show some teeth.)
(you know, smile.) 
 The goal, at the end of it all is that they love to learn and they love Jesus. 
sometimes i just really need to be reminded of the big picture.

okay people, hope your weekend was grand!
also, i don't know what is happening with the font sizing in this post.  please to be excusing, yes? thank you.


  1. oh, my sweet, sweet friend. You refresh me.

    I think it is HILARIOUS that Pillsbury Pizza Crust made it onto your list. "Why?" you ask. Well, lemme' tell you.

    Just this past week, I purchased that exact pizza crust for the second time. And for the second time, dually noted, I cussed it under my breath.

    Because it is rectangle.

    Why??!!!! Pizzas are circular, you fools! "Circular!!!!" I said.

    My pizza stone is round and that stupid rectangle dough doesn't FIT on it. It pours off the side, which means I have to roll the stupid rectange in a ball and try to re-roll it into a circle...and it just ain't havin' it. It LAUGHS at me as I try to re-roll it into the proper shape. After 20 minutes of what can only be called an upper body workout, it resembles the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.

    Damn you, rectange pizza dough!!! Damn you to hell!!!!

    Okay, but the rest of the stuff on your list -- it was all good.

    Have a nice day.

  2. holly: stretch wanted to make a suggestion: wouldn't it be easier if you just took your pizza cutter and trimmed it up, you know, knocked off those corners? he claims he's all about stress relief. :) he just wants to "help a sista out".

    although i have to say, i found your comment to be supremely entertaining. that was funny stuff.

  3. okay, well, that may be an idea. what does Mr. Genius suggest I do with the corners I knock off? I don't want to waste dat!


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