The Sunday Six: Edition 32

cool stuffies
...with strong love specifically for this here unicorn and that there (fantastic mr.) fox.
(of course)
//both hail from desaccord and can be yours for several, several shillings
color palette generator
did you hear what i just said?
i said color palette gen-er-ay-tor.
i came across this nifty gifty this week and was choking for air.  the awesomeness took the breath right out of my lungs.  for someone who likes to play with colors periodically, on their blog mayhaps (me!) this is pure sunshine.  here's how it works.
click to enlarge
thanking you profusely creature comforts for showin' us how it's done and tellin' the world about it.  thank you palette creators, for makin' my day all shiny and happy! i am most exceedingly obliged.
coffee mugs
don't ya just love mugs?  
cheesy ones. 
pretty ones.  
fancy ones.  
cute ones.  
i love them.  
i've been wanting more.  i have a shortage when company comes.  i like these.  i know they're not a set, but i'm not really a "set" kinda girl.
 owl  love //modcloth
panda love //modcloth

garden plait mug //anthropologie  -- they called that braid a plait.  how can i not have a crush on anthropologie?

oresund mug //anthropologie  -- hearts!
new school supplies
and it's that time!
not that i'm ready for school to start up again.  i am not.  but i've always always loved the new supplies.
  they're so promising!

(if you don't know me by now, you will nevah nevah nevah know me...)
i've just decided, like, this very minute, that i will now be  adding favorite word groupings as one of my six each week.  i come across so many that make me clutch at my heart, and they are certainly deserving of their day in the sun.
this week is about creativity, and how to get you some (and hold it and love it).
4. somebody is definitely spying on me.
7 + 9. psh, i'm practically an expert.
15. (and listen)
27. why is this one the most exciting?
31 + 33.  this list got jokes.

i am in a season where i deserve little which is why i need so much.

reminds me again of that bob dylan quote:
"i was born very far from where i am meant to be, and i am on my way home." 
bob always did have a way with the words.  thanks bob.  you're a peach.

okay me hearties, you have a lovely day now.
 love you all.


  1. Jodie- Since I was pregnant with my third born child, I have taken pictures of the kids each year and put it on a coffee mug for Father's Day. It's awesome to see how they age from year to year and we will have an awesome collection in 20 years!

  2. #24 - but practice yo' mug shot first.

    Oh, and Ann calls them "plaits," too. Another reason for you to love her.

  3. i'm nutty over coffee mugs but have some
    firm 'ground' rules:

    1. they can't say a name unless the name
    is very special to us.

    2. the more rugged or handmade, the
    better. . .

    3. unless they are beautiful and delicate.

    is it hot enough down there? 106 in tulsa,
    but alas, i am in the mountains. :)


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