The Sunday Six: Edition 31

leave it to anthropologie to make me fall in love with something i never knew existed.  i looked it up though and learned that it's basically a robe. i am DOWN with robes, particularly ones that make me look all fancy and dooded (duded?) up. (not the kind you usually see adorning the folks of wal-mart.)
bring on the caftans, i say.  i'll be the caftan captain.
aye aye cap'itain!
geo stripe caftan //anthropologie
cherimoya caftan //anthropologie
know that point you reach with a project where you just know this thing is dead in the water?  lifeless.  finito.  kaput.  when your bathroom has been half-painted + used as a canvas (with red nail polish and mascara as the chosen medium) and you go in/out of that room innumerable times per day (because you only have the one) but still have managed to not correctify these glaring problems for over a year (even after hosting a few holidays in your home), that my friends, is two things:
(1)ghetto fabulous 
(2)dead in the water

when i laid eyes on this photo though, my heart leapt within me.  it was as if it spoke to the dead bathroom part of me and said, "Lazarus!  Come forth!"
//chalkboard walls!! in the bathroom!!
who knows how long it'll take us to actually do it, but at least i know this.  
i know where i'm going with it. 
i have direction, people. direction!   
chalkboard paint in the bathroom is brilliant unto me, especially since the children insist on using it as an art room  (and also because i've wanted a chalkboard wall for a coon's age anyway).  it's the obvious choice, nay?  (of course i'll show before + afters)(unless, of course, i'm just making empty promises again)(it is election year)
(also, i'm bringing back "coon's age".  it's the right thing to do.)
peasant tops
i only wish they were priced for peasants. everybody knows peasants are broke.
anyway, the tops, they look so airy and friendly.
"friendly?" what you talkin' 'bout, willis?
well, they look nice, like they won't try and smother me.  clothes can be very violent in the summertime.  not these, though.  i can see that these are placid and friendly-like. i want them all.
lunar cycle top //anthropologie
lucerne peasant top //anthropologie
ensnared peasant top //anthropologie
pretty dresses
  i really do love 'em.
aren't they great?
topology dress //anthropologie
collecting dots dress //anthropologie
birch tree dress //anthropologie
neutral shoes
if i were interviewing neutral shoes, these would get the job.
they have all the qualities i'm looking for in a neutral shoe:
t-straps, chunky heels, feminine.
you're hired!
actually, you're not.  budget cuts and all. sorry.
chameleon heels //anthropologie
i'll probably frame it and mount it.
that's fine art, people.  i have an eye for these things.

and that's all she wrote!
happy sunday, y'all!
hope you enjoy your long weekend.
go forth and pop some firecrackers!
all clothing found at anthropologie


  1. Coupla things:

    1.) I heart you. Still.
    2.) Peasant shirts, by definition, should be cheap.
    3.) Dead in the water project + ghetto fab = loud laughter.
    4.) I'm proud of you for bringing back the coon's age. Every generation needs one.
    5.) Election year = bad promises = much more loud laughter.
    6.) I said only a couple, and this is more than a couple. Election year.
    7.) Go "fourth" and pop some firecrackers! ha!

  2. you is so fun-nay!

    yeah, peasants are broke, but they sure do dress nice...

  3. chel:
    6) you catch on quick. :)
    7) fourth. you nerd. :) (i love nerds)

    holly: thank you. maybe i'm in the wrong field of work. i shoulda been a peasant.

  4. OMG!! Chalkboard walls!! One word...GENIUS!! Wish I would have thought of that one. :)


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