The Sunday Six: Edition 30

nice sofas
aren't they lovely?
yellow, navy and chestnut, oh my!
atelier chesterfield // anthropologie
milo sofa // anthropologie
patrizia sofa // anthropologie
 i'm not in the market.  i just like to look.

this commercial
it faithfully makes me laugh, which we all know is my favorite.
good ideas
good ideas.  ha.  aren't i original.  hey, hey, look at me! i love good ideas!
i'm so different!

here are a few i've seen lately:
a.  what to do with prodigal socks. i'm doing this this week.
you may wonder why i'm not doing it today.  i mean, it seems simple enough.  not a whole lot of prep work there.  the reason is also simple enough.
i love to procrastinate.
hey, we're all good at something.
i'm sure you're special, too.
b. outdoor chalkboard.  i mean really, who needs the indoor chalk dust?
now i just need a fence to hang it on.  and don't you love that darling little chalk bucket!
c. banana split mini bites
now that's a good idea.
my water jug
or as i sometimes like to call it, my aquarium.  
it's 64oz. which in case you cannot visualize is approximately the size of my head.  
i endure the laughs from my peers because i'm following rule #1: hydrate hydrate hydrate.  
...followed closely by the other (unrelated) #1 rule: no comparing.  
both could save your life.

truly, i think if other people weren't so good with words, i might never quite know what was going on in my own heart and soul.  i'd like to thank all the people who are so good with all the words!
your questions
speaking of which, give me more!  i need more!  
look, if y'all expect me to post more than once a week, i need springboards, people.  :)
i meant that in a really nice way.  must've put on my bossy pants this morning.  

have a motht exthellent day, you guyth!!
love youth!
thee you thoooon!


  1. okay, I don't know how, but I missed this one.

    I think it is hilarious that you walk around with that aquarium. You must be really parched all the time. But I most admire that you continue to do so...even though we all laughin' at you. You are very sure of yourself and your thirst needs.

    Kinda' like Jeanne getting up at 5:12 a.m. She proclaimed it proudly and vehemently defended herself in the face of all the laughter.

    You should get a medal or something. I'll see what I can do.

  2. I swear we have the same laughing DNA!! I love this commercial and have a secret passion to be part of a flash mob! Oooops, not a secret anymore. "We are!" LOL gosh that cracks me up!


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