The Sunday Six: Edition 29

Such as these ones.  
I especially love the hearts.
nerdy watches
My watch has been running slow lately, which totally irks me because it's barely, like, six months old.
Rude.  When it dies, I think I'd like this one next.
Nerdy and perfect.  Perfectly nerdy.
Bonus: This baby's water resistant. Which I need when I'm sweatin' like a rock star in my morning boot camp classes.

this gown
I've been eying this for a long, long time... wanting it, for a long, long time.  One of these days, I'm gonna make it.  

I will.
I mean, I really want to.
for the full how-to
this shirt 
I was raised on three things, y'all: kool-aid, bologna and Labyrinth.  I need this.
 In a recent Uno throw down, my eldest went out first, (in our family, we keep playing until we just can't anymore), at which point my sweet lil' baby girl, bless her heart, looks at me and says,
"So it is down to you, and it is down to me", and I laughed from my gut. 
I don't know that I've ever been more proud of the job I'm doing as a mother.
It just warmed me down in the cockles of my heart.

ruffled streamers
I whipped up a batch of these to strew across the ceiling for our Father's Day Fiesta today.  Ours were red+white+green, to rep'a'sent the Mexican Flag.  We ate tacos and enchiladas, chips + salsa and let the boys beat up a peen-yacht-uh filled with confetti.  We FIESTA'd is what we did!  I wore my hair in a messy side bun with a large red flower alongside the bun.  All day long my hubsdaddy called me his Spanish Fly.
tutorial here
And that is all!
Happy Sunday to ya!  Hope you had a fun day this Sunday! 
...and if you're of the male persuasion, a Happy Father's Day to you!
(...maybe I'm overusing the exclamation points!) 
The End! Regards!!


  1. Why have I gotten away from reading my favorite blogs? I've missed YOU! haha

    Your Uno throw down...and her response - gasping for air over here!

    Oh, and the gown...I bought a skirt while on vacation that has two layers like that one and does some of the same things. Love it. It's a Kariza knock off, but I love it. Google them. You'll see.

    Ruffled streamers...those are AWESOME! I could probably actually DO THAT! I'm not very impressive with a sewing machine, but straight lines? What could go wrong? ;-)

    Spanish Fly. Y'all are too much.


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