The Sunday Six: Edition 28

turn back time tunic navy/white, bennis I look perfectly ghastly in tan.   Also, I'm pretty sure I would feel smashing wearing this with my skinnies, and say, my red wedges.  (I almost called them wedgies, but then thought better of it.... bennis that probably conjures up a less cute image.)
Down East Basics
bay blossom maxi
Maybe it's the Eliza Bennett in me, (yes, probably so) but I do love an empire waist dress.
And Mr. Darcy.
Down East Basics
well read cardi
Okay, I'll admit it, it's the name that won me over with this one.  It's cute too, though, so I'm not completely shallow and can-be-sold-anythingable.
Down East Basics
scattered stardust ruffle tunic 
There's just something about this that I find attractive.
Probably the fact that it would look good with my skinnies.
I'm beginning to sense a theme. But only because I'm very quick witted.
things that tell me how to do cool stuff
Here are a few cool stuffs I'd like to do relatively soon:

convert shorts to skirt | the crimson owl
perty wall vases | etsy
make a dress from an old skirt | martha
I think I could say this one every week, and mean it. 
Sometimes I need so much help.
"Sometimes" is code for like, all of the times.

Alright kiddos!  C'est tout for this week.  See you guys next Sunday.  :)
Oh hey! I have an idea... how about y'all ask me some questions or something and I'll post my answers during the week.  Anything you're curious about?  Anything you're just dying to know about me, or something I know everything about?  I'm here to help! 
 // xoxo //


  1. I'm sort of in L.O.V.E with those wall vases. Maybe because they would be easier than easy to make. And, I could raid my husband's shed for all that I would need. Hmmmm. The ONLY problem is that I'm not sure how they'd look withOUT flowers in them, and, well, they'd certainly NOT have flowers in them MOST of the time. So, what could I put in them instead of flowers that would be oh so chic?

  2. ok, don't laugh but, what in the world is

    and i'm sorry, but mr. darcy is MINE.

  3. Dawn: What about pens/pencils near your desk, or toiletry items/makeup brushes in the bathroom?? Come on girl, you gotta think outside the bun! :)

    Lea: I am laughing, I'm sorry. :) Bennis is a made up word that smooshes together "being as"... I'm sure you can see that "bennis" suits me much better. As for Mr. Darcy, that's not what he said last night! Ohhhh!

  4. I'm one happy here goes my question: what is your favorite memory from your teen years?


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