The Sunday Six: l'été

There are many things to love about the summertime, n'est pas?  [There are also many things not to love, but let's just romanticize it while we still can, before the sun rots our brains and turns them into soup.]

Let's begin!

These are some threads I could live in.  
Add lipstick, sunglasses and cute shoes -- dressing is DONE, man.
// contrasting halves dress
// budding dahlia dress
 These next (2) are both called the Sprightly Shirtdress 
Sprightly.  How quaint.  One of each please.
You're so wonderful I could kiss you!
Again with the kissing. muah muah muah!
tanned skin
I hope to get me some this week.  'Cause look at me, I'm white and nerdy. 
How'd I get so white and nerdy?  I'd like to be somewhere between where I am, and this:

sweet tea + lemonade popsicles 
Just discovered these and they are a tasty snackeroo. Tasty, tasty, tasty.
summery bedeckery
Hard to hate on cute Clarence jewels, ain't it.   [Y'all all know Clarence, right?]  I'd like the bot' o' deese.  Fun and purdy!
//citrus twist $38

//iced rain $10
...and that is all, ladybirds!  Happy Sunday!


  1. and Clarence go way way back!! :) It's how I survive!! OH...and me too...i'm white, white, white! Can't wait to bask in those sun glistening rays! :) It's the least I can do, cuz I'm blinding my family and loved ones with this pasty skin of mine. :) Love those purdy dresses...but scratch the lipstick for me. I just can't pull it off. Great post!

  2. Well I got out under the warming rays, and now I'm a little on the burnt side of things. No worries though. That "rare" will soon look "medium" -- I never stay pink for long. It always turns golden. I'm a lucky girl, I know it. :)

    I knew you'd know Clarence! :)


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