The Sunday Six: Edition: Late Is Better Than Never

magical things
And just like that, this outfit has magically revived two things.  Two very unlikely things.  (unlikelys?)(unlikelies?) Things I thought dead forevermore.
They are: (1)my love for white pants and (2) my love for button-down tops.
It's magic.  Kendi is a magician.  She is.
this dress 
So cheery!

oh, and this one, too.
// both from modcloth

I'm a smidge obsessed.  From single or double-wrapping belts to sandals to hair!  If I can figure out a bunch of ways to braid my hair, y'all best be lookin' out.  (I don't know what for except maybe me, with braided hair).   See what I mean?
Dreamy sigh....

fage greek yogurt
(pronounced fah-yay)   
Not all Greek yogurts are created equal.  I know, because I've kissed a few frogs.
This though, is like, the antithesis of kissing a frog.  It's like kissing something really awesome.  It is so good.  And you know what?! They have coupons on their site!  Get some and then GET SOME.

operation beautiful
I just found this, and it's such a beautiful idea.  I can't wait to get started.  

 I mean, how could you not be happy by these sweet surprises out in public?  Talk about walkin' on sunshine!  Got my post-it notes today and am ready to start scattering some joy.  Wanna join in?

 good blogging tips
I was over at Ree's place last week and came across some rubies.  These are the ones that I found most helpful:
a. be yourself | use your own voice; write as if you were talking to your sister
b. blog often | "consider your blog a precious bloom that requires daily nurturing"

I've leaned more towards seeing my blog as a silk flower that only needs occasional dusting.  fail.  Her next point was to be varied.  I think that for me, frequency and variety walk down the street holding hands. 

c. "Value every person who takes time out of their day to stop by your blog.  Tell 'em you love 'em.  Regularly."

I love you guys.  I really do.  More than a great deal on a pair of awesome skinny jeans (which I got this weekend)!  Or a great deal on a pair of canvas open-toe wedges (which I got today)!  Just so you know, that's a whole lotta ell oh vee eye in.

By the way, you look amazing today!  But then, you always do!


  1. I wanna see a pic of you in both the skinny jeans and the new shoes! :)

    And you, my dear, always look amazing. And you always ARE amazing. :)


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