The Sunday Six: Edition 27: Lookin' & Smellin' Pri Teeee

eucerin calming cream
...because nobody like to be ashy, am ah right?!
Also.  Y'all.  I have the itchiest skin you ever did see.  I probably hold some kind of record.  I mean, sure, it's an unrecognized record, and a record nobody really wants anyway, so what good is that, but I tell you, that itching...  Mama got to get some relief and this "creme" gives my poor skin some easement. It's a skin lullaby is what it is. 
skin brightening scrub
Takin' care of my largest organ. Got to treat her right! Not sure my face is actually any brighter because of it, but the exfoliating bead thingys feel real good.
So let's recap.  It feels real good.  
blackberry + vanilla body wash
I don't know if it really is "positively nourishing" but I will tell you this, I positively want to eat my hands after my bath because they smell so freakin' delicious. 
vintage gray
New favorite nail polish.  (Again.)
Only found at Rite Aid in these here parts.
Technically I have (2) favies but only (1) of them is new.  I've loved this one the longest.  Uncharacteristically long if you want to know the truth.  I usually dump polishes pretty fast, (which is why new favorites keeping making this list), but I've been with this one a while and I have no intention of taking a powder any time soon.  It just looks so good... and you know what I've found? It looks good on everyone!
Sally Hansen | Flirt
lip balm with mango butter
When my lips get chap chap, and they start to hurt real bad, and I don't wanna use the school nurse's chapstick, this is my salvation in a tube.  Glory be.  It's good.
Oh, and another deal sweetener, no tingling.  I hate tingling.  Just soft and smooth, like buttah.

moisturizer | peaches & creme
I usually hate what moisturizers do to my face.  That may sound bizarre (how bizarre!)(and now you'll be singing that song all day) but they normally break me out or make my skin even more oily.  Who wants more oil?  Not I!  And my 'nother favorite part, other than it working like a dream, is that it costs less than $5 and it smells like Georgia.  Or at least what Georgia smells like in my mind.
'Cause I've never been to Georgia and I don't actually know. 
Don't know about ya'll, but I love lists like this because I like to broaden my beauty product horizons.  Maybe you'll find your next new favorite thing here.  I know not everything works for everybody, but if the next time we see each other, there are nubs where your hands used to be, I'll know what worked for you.

Happy Sunday, my pretties!


  1. a) The nail polish is absolutely perfect! I can't wait to try it. Any thing with "vintage" in the title has my vote.

    b) So many of these lovelies appear to smell marvelous. I do think there may be a hint of mango, peach, vanilla, and blackberry in the air right this minute.

    c) I can not believe how close you came to breaking up with me. I nearly hyperventilated when I thought of the split second decision not to go with "Foto Favorites Friday"



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