The Sunday Six: Edition 26

The Hubs & I had us a date night Friday.  We went to see the new Pirates movie.  That Johnny Depp (or as I swear I heard Stretch call him, Johnny Depth)... he is somethin'.  Far as I can see, he is a saint, and can do no wrong.  Also, fair warning, I may have a real hard time restraining myself from overusing the word savvy.  Savvy?

lay baby lay
I don't really need nursery inspiration these days. Not at all. Howevs, the folks at laybabylay are just flat good at the decorating, and what's really awesome sauce is that they link to all the things they throw together so if you fall face down into love, (you will) you can get the things you can't live and breathe without. They sho nice.
It's not just an adjective anymore.  Nope, it's my 'nother new toy.   I've bookmarked more things than you (and me together) could shake a stick at.  Pinterest (lub dub lub dub) organizes all of my crafty links, while delicious (mmm, tasty) organizes all of my favorite blog posts and articles (and such as).  The internet is so dang smart.  I love it.  If it interests you, my links are located here.  (Also, you may find lots of links to hair tutorials.  I told you people.  I'm on a mission to perfect my braiding skills.  I shall conquer this thing.  I shall!)

my skinnies
I'm having a really hard time not wearing my skinny jeans every day.   I'd like to file some sort of official legal-type document, thereby declaring them my Official Uniform so that when I get dirty looks for wearing the same thing every day, I could pull out my laminated copy (duh), absolving myself of any filthy crime, because see?  It's legally binding; says here I have to wear this every day.  Out of my hands.  Savvy?

the garden scent
It's true.  Every time I pluck some tasty gem off the vine, especially tomatoes, the scent lingers. 
So I take my hands, and I smell 'em like this!  
perking back up
There's nothing like perking up after a time of feeling wilted.  Sometimes I lose my get up and go, and I have a hard time finding where it got up and went.
And then, like some miraculous turning of a corner, it comes back, and I want to hug it.  Except I can't, because it's invisible.  And my family might think me insane in the membrane if they saw me hugging myself.  Already I've been busted talking to myself, lips moving and everythang.  And maybe even putting an apostrophe (a comma to da top) where one did not belong.  Oh the shame!  It is not to be endured!

this paint color
It's white, but "hints at color — gray, taupe, even blue — while remaining neutral."  Isn't that nice?  I'm painting a hutch this color and I'm telling you, I'm smitten.  It has smote me to the bone. 

Benjamin Moore | Alaskan Husky

And that's all me ladies!  Hope your Sunday afternoon is everything you want in a Sunday afternoon!  Unless that includes talking bad about Johnny Depp(th).  Savvy?


  1. Well well savvy, I see you threw me under the bus and you were the one who ousted yo'self on the wrong use of the apostrophe's :) You hostage killer you.


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