The Sunday Six: Edition 21

My heart is beating hard this week.
Hanson wants to know Where's the Love? It's right here, baby.

striped tube socks
I'm just telling you right now, my love can be bought, and my loves goes all the way up to my knees.  These would make me faster and stronger,  I just know it. They would even make shin splints more tolerable.
(19" Pink Lovers Combo)
library card catalogs
I get a little dizzy at the sight of them. Every now and again, I check Craigslist in the hope of finding one for free since that one time there was one for free but I missed out on it on account of being too late!  Zut alors! My heart broke that day. Somebody pass the Duck Tape... and a card catalog.

My favorite word sandwich:

fashion inspo
I don't always intuitively know how to put clothes together.  Bright colors both entrance and terrify me.  There are many times I see an item that I love, but then talk myself out of buying because WHAT am I gonna wear that with?? It helps so much to see what other people are wearing (and what they're wearing with it). This week I found  Kendi Everyday and have been getting my inspiration on!  I'm still wearing the same ol', but you know, being revivified still has many merits. I find her outfits to be very inspirationative. 
Please to allow me to exampilate:

See? See?  Cute with a Capital Q.  Which brings me back to No. 3.  It is time.  The thrifting beast is hungry. (Feed me, Seymour.)(Or is it SeƱor(ita).)(No matter.)

this lipstick
I'm thinking this might be my red. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm hopeful.  I've seen it looking marvelous and smashing on other people, so you know, fingers crossed.
(Sephora, 'It Girl')
Nehi Peach (or is it Peach Nehi?)
Either way, this is a throw back from the way back for me.  I found it in WalMart last week after not having it for several years.  I was internally elated.  I didn't show it on the outside because I am a sophisticated creature.  I mean, so long as squealing qualifies as sophisticated.
And that's the end!
Happy Sundaying to you all!
Have yourself a good one. 
xo, Jodie


  1. "Exampilate." My favourite Jodie-ism. :)
    Card catalogues = bad memories for me. I like the third 'fashion photo' except for the 'booties'.
    I will very likely never wear lipstick. Can we still be friends?

  2. I am a big fan of the booties (even though I don't own a pair)(yet) and I'm on a life quest for the perfect red lipstick... I will not, however, allow these things to drive a wedge between us. We're friends for life! :)

  3. Those socks would give you super running powers, they just HAVE TO. and would you believe I was just talking about peach Nehi the other day? I love that stuff!

  4. So yeh...card catalogs scare me. Maybe it's the whole library thing...I always end up laughing out loud and just about getting kicked out. Librarians scare me too. Sad...I know. It's time I grow up and control my "laughenitis". Those socks...killer. Love them! Lipstick...not my thang. I don't like it's taste, I lick my lips often and end up eating the stuff. Then I end up gagging...not pretty at all. Takes away from the whole trying to look sexy. I'm a lipgloss, chapstick, or o' naturale gal.

  5. Ok. I LOVE every one of these items. I also am now going to be reading Kendi Everyday. Also, I dearly want a card catalog of my own, but sadly have nowhere to put it. BUT, if I happen to run into one, should I tell him I'm not available, but I have a friend he should meet? Also also, I think that color would be swell on your smackers. Muuuu-wwaaahh!

  6. hey jodie!

    i wish i had a card catalog so that i could
    give you mine.

    promise that if you get that gorgeous red
    lipstick, you will take a photo and show us.


  7. I need you to come be my stylist. It should be an easy job, seeing as I have none to begin with.

    Peach Nehi. LOVE.


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