The Sunday Six: Edition: You Ain't Got To Worry 'Bout Me!

And why is it exactly that you ain't got to worry about me?  Because I got my head on right, see?  You'll notice that today's list is a backwards list.  Instead of the usual list of things I love, this is a list of things that I hate... things that will never make it on the love list for if they did, you would have cause to worry indeed.  (But bennis they never will, well then worry, you never shall.)
I'd rather eat a dirty sock.
camo puffy jacket 
I mean, come on. 
vests of any kind
Especially vests that boast "plumage" or look like orange plastic, or any other vest.  
potted meat
Even frills couldn't entice me.
I promise to never leave home looking:
1. this hungry (the poor dear)
2. like I robbed a tablecloth store and got away from their security cougar with only a slight tear in my blazer.   
pleated pants
...even though they are a Spring 2011 Fashion Trend.  I'm not even believin' that.  I mean, they were a bad idea the first time around.  No one is ever going to make me believe that they are awesome sauce.  They're not.  No Howie... no deal.
...and that, home slices, is all she wrote.  (And it's a good thing, too, because it's 10:39 in the p.m. and MawMaw needs her beauty rest... lest she become delusional and start to think pleats on her pants are just what the doctor ordered.) 

Happy Sund'y to ya!


  1. I'm SO with you on the beets. If I were on a deserted island with nothing on it but beets, I'd starve to death with sand in my mouth!

    Now, I may or may not love the puffy camo jacket. (Sorry)

    I agree about everything else, including the potted meat. But, if I were on a deserted island with nothing but potted meat, well, maybe I'd have a chance at being rescued. It's better than sand.

  2. You are hilarious. I am totally with you on the beets and potted meat. Gah-ross. :)

  3. hahaha! Jodie, me thinks you are the Gary and Elaine of fashion! ;)

  4. Mama to da Drama: Verily I say unto you, that compliment is the most best one I've ever received, and because it is you who has bestowed it upon me, then your rank in my heart has risen even higher and is even more unable to be moved (which I thought impossible). What is it that you want from me? I'll give you up to half my kingdom... which is a generous offer, if you're interested in half a loaf of bread and one and a half children.

    Tara: See? That's why we friends. :)

    Dana: I have to disagree on the potted meat. Sand trumps it. I consider it a delicacy in comparison. If given the choice, I would light a candle, and dine on socks and sand. As for the jacket, just say no. :)

  5. You can't get much past me, Jodie, but there is no way in H-E-double hockey sticks I would've ever noticed this came from your "old email." pahahaha!

    Seeing as I just had one extra child for pert-near 2 days, I don't think I would do well with one and a half extra children. I guess I will pass. Otherwise I would have to go up on my xanax dose, and I'm just too ashamed to ask...

    So....can I get a rain check on that?

  6. Hahahha! Oh my. Pleated pants. Wow. It's all just so.... awful.

  7. Holly:
    Aw come on! It's a very generous offer. One you can't refuse. But don't worry, I'm still feeling generous, and I'll tell you what, just for you, a special offer because I love you, this offer will never expire. That's right! No expiration date for you! (I'm the expiration date Nazi!)

    So that's a yes to your rain check.

    Only don't wait too long okay? Or else I might be in need of your pharmaceuticals.


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