The Sunday Six: Edition: Ruche Crush

cute coats
...not that the weather is even remotely right enough for these, but they are still awesome sauce. (I got that term from my mentors over at Parks & Rec. Be forewarned, you'll be hearing that alot from me henceforth and from now on(ward and upward)).  I don't have many coats but someday I shall, and when I do, some of them will look like these.  They can't all look like these, that just wouldn't be practical.
hand in hand nighttime stroll double breasted coat
tweedle dee coat
cute shoes
Shoes don't even need an introduction, do they?
(As for the last pair, maybe I like them because I'm a Louisiana girl?  The name is rather fetching.) 
pink studio "whitney" peep toe heels
rocket dog "swiss floral" t-strap heels
the leaves' lyrics wedges
through thick and thin gator skin sandals
cute dresses
A few of these are solid confirmation that I am such a Meir Meir, but Maw Maw don't mind. Not one crumb.
an evening at the ballet
barbados breeze eyelet dress
carolina on my mind floral dress
paradise in plum pleated dress
picnic in the sun pocket dress
skipping through flower fields dress
cute accessories
here's to new journeys handbag
meant to be necklace
on the wings of a butterfly earrings
under the sea necklace
wrap me through and through skinny belt

cute tops
My closet is in want of some cute tops.  These would be a solid start (well, a solid and a striped start).
gondola romance ruffle top

sitting by the patio daydreaming

working daze seersucker tunic
cute extries
alicia black denim knapsack

stuck on you japanese masking tape in "C"

stuck on you japanese masking tape in "Q"

This weeks' selections can all be found at Ruche
Don't forget, it's my birthday year.

Happy Sund'y, y'all!


  1. You said Meir Meir...HA!! Love it!! I wouldn't evenhave guessesd how to spell that! Love you my laughanese friend!! :)


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