The Sunday Six: Edition: The Come-Back

It's the triumphant return on The Sunday Siiiiix!  (In my head, I sound like a wrestling announcer when I say that... say it again in your Are you ready to rumble? voice.)  I'm bringing back The Six because of the even more triumphant return of the internet to my houuussseeee (Amen?)(now making posting and life in general, more convenient)!  I'm as happy as a dog with two tails.
the internet
 It's the obvious favored front-runner, I don't know how I missed it for so long.  I love it.  I really do.  Especially when it's conveniently located right in my living room.  They say you don't know what ya got til' it's gone, and honey, I'm here to testify.
my gardening small group
I'm learning about plants.  And it's fun!
I hope to learn how to keep them alive through my preferred method.
 constant neglect
...because I can really appreciate the living flowers.

miss etiquette dress
Really, how could I not love a dress with such a name!  (...not because I have the best etiquette.)  Sweet mother of pearl, T-Girl could use some Finishing School... and I know just what I'd wear, too! ...It has handy side pockets!

I want one.

 ...Then it would only be practical to dress like this:
And then I would DIE of a happy heart. 

You probably didn't see that one coming.  Neither did I.  It makes me feel so smart to be able to locate things on the world map and such as.  I have to warn you though, I am not to be quizzed if it does not pertain to Europe or the Mid-Atlantic World.  I'll learn the rest next year... then you can quiz me. 
You are not to ask where specific things are located (because I do not know all specific things, you see). 
Only ask me to locate what I do know, and I will dazzle you.

the end


  1. I've missed you. And this.
    Welcome back to the internets!

    (Does this mean I have to stage a comeback too?) (Again?)

  2. Please...tell me I'm not dreaming!! Tell me that this is not just a mirage of my own wishing. I have missed you so very much!! Emphasis on the words: I-HAVE-MISSED-YOU-SO-VERY-MUCH! You are pulchritudinous my friend and I am so glad you are back. We should throw a blog block party!! :)

  3. wow, did Puddin eat that apple into the image of a globe? 'cause if so, that co-op is payin' off, Sistah. I may have to look into that since we've been rejected by the school of our choice. (I'm not bitter, though.)

    YOu make me laugh, so. I, too, would enjoy having a castle. As long as I had servants to clean it. But I would hate to have to wear that big ole' dress. I would much prefer those little cotton gowns you always see them wearing in that gigantic feather bed. I could wear those ALL.DAY.LONG.

    So glad you once again possess the internet. Congrats to you! :)

  4. I'm so glad you're back! I too want a castle, but I have to agree with Mama - no frou-frou dresses! Give me regular PJs and a ton of servants.

  5. Girls, girls... come on. Do you really think that I would clean my own castle? And soil my gown? Every castle has a cleaning crew. Mine will be no different.

    bren: Only if you wish it so. Otherwise, no pressure. (I've missed you, too!)

    Tammy: for real, I loved that comment. Emphasis on: "for real, I loved that comment". :)

    Mama: If Puddin' could do that, I have a feeling we would be somewhat less broke. As for the school, that is a bummer! Sorry to hear that. :(

  6. I want me dat 3rd castle. And that dress. I never wanted to be a princess, not one day in my whole life, until now.


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