The Sunday Six: Edition: Things You Can't Buy

life-breathing, healing, a warm blanket around my shoulders
tenacious, aggressive, surprising, never-giving-up grace
my own personal shack
the place(s) of my pain where my Papa leads me to and then sets me free
God's love letters
a glimpse of a bunny before sunrise; a hug from a child who just seems to "know" when I need it; ease where I expected difficulty...  little treats for my heart, tailor-made just for me
...believing that God is God, and I can let go
the place where I hear Him say, "I like you"

What about you? What are your favorites?


  1. this is beautiful, Jodie...

    I don't know how you have the time to write so beautifully, or even the time to THINK of these things.

    you amaze me. :)

  2. This is just... wow. So beautiful!

  3. YOU! :)

    amazon keeps postponing the shipment
    of your book to me, which is something
    i DID buy. grrr.

    blessings on all your loved ones this


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