The Sunday Six: Edition: Hot on Their Heels

This week, it's all about shoes y'all.  I fell into a nest of good'uns, so if you're not interested in looking at a bunch of foot coverings, then now's the time to turn back. 

All of these, every pair, is on sale, and IN MY SIZE!  It's like they want my head to explode! (So much so that I typed the words 'my head' twice without even noticing it the first time.)

: : exampilations : :
-1- Look at these beautes... the first on the site to make the blood rush through my aorta! They come in 'peach' and 'cognac'. These two alone would make me as happy as a dog's tail!  Lucky day. (for whoever gets 'em!)

-2- I don't own shoes this bright but I sure do like them.  I think I could find something to wear them with. Probably a bunch of somethings.
-3- The heels on these are perilously tall and ominously skinny which is a combination that ups my chances of falling and catching my early death, but the top half of the shoe looks so verah nice that I might be willing to risk it.  Hey, like Bobby Boucher would say, "ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Mama always said"... it may kill you to be beautiful.
-4- I had like the lil' upholstery tacks to da side of these and the heels look innocent enough.
-5- As for these next ones, I like a t-strap Mary Jane like Sir-Mix-Alot likes big butts (and I cannot lie).
-6- I've been wanting a pair of faux (pronounce it "fawx" like my friend, Angela, taught me if you want to be real fancy) snakeskin shoes since I saw a girl wearing some on my big trip to The Big Pomme. I believe these would be acceptable.
I really do love all of these heels, I do, but just looking at them all makes MawMaw want to go put on a pair of these and rest my dogs:
Hope you're having a happy Sunday, y'all! xo


  1. i am FIRST, and that makes me the winner?

    what was the prize? . . . what? a foot that
    would fit into one of those adorable shoes?


    oh well, i will still let you have any photo of
    mine . . .or child of mine that you wish.
    except that last part.

    blessings and aloha,

    ps. a very sweet lady really signs all her
    notes like that. :)

  2. Yes Lea, you are the WINNER! You win my unending adoration and love from my heart. :) How's that for a prize?! :)

    Haha! I was just about to ask for one of your children. Darn. It's just not my lucky day, I guess.

  3. All of those shoes look fabulous, but to be perfectly honest...I am as graceful as Daffy Duck is a poignant speaker. Wearing any of those shoes, excluding the last comfy looking pair of course, would be the same as jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. Way too dangerous for me. I prefer to keep it on the safe side and every once in a while live a little on the edge and get new Dr. Scholls inserts for my flats! :) "Stalk" ya later...LOL HAHAHA

  4. So.......... It ends up I mentally switched my affections from your former blog site to this one. But mentally doing something doesn't ACTUALLY make blogger put velor blog updates into my following list. Darn it. Now I did it for real. Now that I missed out on months of Jodie-goodness.

    LOVE the shoes. I need me some fawx snake skin heels...


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