The Sunday Six : 17

French General 
Every time I visit, I want to take out a small loan so that I can join their monthly Jewelry Club.  Their jewelry kits are fantastic and I want them all, every last one.  (Especially December 2009, which is unfortunate because I am way late to that party.)

It's pretty much my favorite.

Antoine Dodson
He has introduced me to a few of my new favorite sayings, including but not limited to, "You are dumb. You are so dumb.  You are really dumb." Today marks the start of a holiday commemorating this yoot (as Vinny Gambini would say).  So you can run and tell that!
(youtube video)
grayish lavender
My heart has deep pockets that hold lots of love for this color.  I know I confessed my love for another favorite polish mere days ago, but my heart is fickle. 

(essie: marino cool)
(stile eye shadow: grace)

old typewriters
I want one.  Buy me one and I promise to type you a letter and then mail it to you, just like the old days.  I'll even seal the envelope with my wax seal.  Fant-cee, no?

Of course, this one has its merits, too, although I couldn't fulfill my promise with it.  Unless I promised to eat a waffle in the shape of a keyboard.  That's a promise I could keep.

Friends that speak life over me.  It's a short sentence, but it has far-reaching impact and my cup overflows with gratitude.  Thank you for your part in setting me free.
Happy Thunday, you guyth!
love, love, love


  1. I was very surprised to see that wax stamp on the latest correspondence received from you and I concur....fant-cee, indeed. LOVED IT!

  2. you are a delight!

    but make sure i have this right. if i
    mail you a typewriter, you will mail
    me a letter? sealed with a fantsee

    this is the deal of a lifetime! :)

  3. so you can run and tell THAT, homeboy!! hahahah love him!

  4. M to da D: Glad you had likeded it. :) I love it, too. :)

    Lea: Yes, that is correct! So uh, are you gonna take me up on it? :)

  5. dear jodie,

    haven't run across a typewriter yet, but
    here's my email:

    i had a kink w/amazon, but my daughter's
    gonna help me get your book!

    happy thanksgiving!

  6. Ah! I love that typewriter waffle iron - awesome!
    Also, I'm pretty sure that is my favourite shade of purple EVER.
    Additionally, I find the final photo HIGHLY amusing. 'Be free, little butterflies, but *snicker* the window's not actually open! bwahahahahah...'

  7. Bren: Hahahaha you sicko! :) Hahahaa! Only you! Have I told ya lately that I love ya?! :) Because I do.


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