The Sunday Six : 16

noise trade
Free music, y'all.

I've never actually ordered anything but their stuff is so pretty!  I always go look and swoon.  Let me to exampilate:
(campomaggi bag)

(clothilde shoes)

(sequinned heels)

(trix coat)
Gazing upon this list, I have settled this one fact within my tiny heart: I am part MawMaw.  A very large part.

It's hard to choose a favorite from that list, but if I were forced to narrow it down I believe I'd go with the coat.  It's the collar.  And the pockets... and the sleeve length... and the color.  I need that coat.  Next up would be the Clothilde Heels, because how am I supposed to resist a Cajun name like Clothilde?  Huh?  Ce n'est pas possible.  Plus they're just darlin'!  (and now I'm part Texan)

sweet truffle dress
purses (or handbags)... whichever suits your fancy.
Such as these:


(especially that blue one... See?  Maw to the Maw.) 

Good books.  I'm well on my way to becoming a bibliobibuli.  I read Life of Pi...  such a good story.  Current selection: Ruby Slippers and my new Message Bible, Conversations, which I love

Thanks for all of your suggestions, too.  I knew y'all would help Mama out.

Other peoples' brave stories.  Their openness and vulnerability makes me feel brave, and helps me to do hard things, which life is full of.  I'm so thankful for those stories.

Happy Sunday, beauties!


  1. Number 6 made me smile.

    Don't worry. You're the coolest Mawmaw I ever met.

  2. Out of curiosity, what is the point of a LONG coat with SHORT sleeves?

  3. Mama B: Thank you. That makes me feel a little better. :)

    Bren: I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear you just insult my beloved. ;)


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