The Sunday Six : 15

My new favorite Fall-Winter polish, Borghese : Palermo Plum
I'm afraid the picture doesn't do it much justice though... too bad because it is lurvely.

puddle skippers
In [blue] please!  I love these strong...  verah, verah strong.

I'm getting bored with my current selection and I'd like some more. I like these and those, or if you live in the swamp, dese and dose.
(source, for both)
This time of year.  I'm starting to see lots of great ideas of things to make and it's getting me all a-stir with excitement!  I always find WAY more ideas that I can actually do, which grieves my heart a little, but I like to do something every year and seeing all of the great things people are making is getting me all sorts of giddy!

Buying and making Christmas gifts.  I enjoy both so, so much!  I like gifting my people with stuff I know they'll love and finding something that is just "them".  What do y'all want for Christmas this year?  What does your tiny heart desireth? 

Swamp People.  I have really enjoyed that show and I'm sad it's over.  I'm really gonna miss Troy Landry.   Although if I get too lonesome, I could just go visit my Daddy.

(Troy Landry)
I tell you, the first time I saw the show, my mouth stood open because I realized that I am part swamp person.  I am.  I grew up along the Bayou Teche with a Dad that hunted and fished (although it wasn't alligator) (except for that one time he shot one that got too close when we were swimming in the bayou).  (We fried the tail and ate it.) (It was good, too.) I learned how to make crawfish traps before I was ten.  I knew how to set my own fishing line, start to finish.  I learned how to find bait for fishing, either scooping up grass shrimp along the bank of the bayou or pouring soapy water on the ground driving the worms up and out.  I baited my own hook, too.  ...and I understood everything they said on the show without closed caption.  :)  I'm part swamp person, and I like it.

Happy Sunday y'all! 


  1. without closed captioning! hahaha

    Yeah, that's about the only show I can watch without closed captioning and understand what they're saying.

    I must say...very refreshing!

  2. what? i have been missing a show called
    "swamp people?" dang.

    i hope you get some of the gorgeous
    earrings and boots for Christmas.

    the only thing i want for Christmas is
    all my children under the tree. i think
    i might tie them to it. :)

  3. 5- you are the best gift giver ever and i always love everything you make me. always.
    6- i was just telling someone the other day about making traps! i loved that bayou and every one of those things you named. i'm proud to be coonass or swamp, whichever, or both.

  4. i love them boots! (2).

  5. for hmithmith, i just cant wait for the rap(wrap) party!

  6. It just occurred to me what a brilliant idea this list is for the simple reason of keeping a running idea list for Christmas presents. I'm pretty sure the Husband would be delighted if I had such a list. Sadly, the C-mas list (at this point) consists mostly of chores I'd like to see done. How pathetic is that?!

  7. Bird: Neither me! I just can't wait.
    (and I love that you said hmithmith because that's one of my favorite words of all time.)

    Bren: That is pretty pathetic. :) However, if it's what ya want, that makes it a good gift... ....doesn't it?


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