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[one pretty thing]  I go to this site every day.  
It's what one does when one is addicted to making things
and bookmarking ideas about making things.

sweet tea. I love it.  I love sweet tea. 

Speaking of sweet tea, have y'all seen Tavin Dillard 
(of Joel Berry's Sweet Tea Films)?  Ya need to.  
Click the link for a hearty samplin'.  
If you like white trash, you will love Tavin.  
He is precious, bless his heart.

One of my favorite cuisines on the Earth is Thai.  
It's even fun to say... and it looks cute, too.  


Because I know you're interested in everything we ingest here, I will tell you, I ordered the red goopity goop and Stretch had the brown goopity goop... and also some eggrolls and lemongrass + coconut milk soup (avec shrimp).  And we have leftovers!  It's like I've died and gone to Heaven, and Heaven is full of Thai goopity goop. 

Also, on an entirely unrelated note, 
some friends offered to keep our kids for our little date excursion... 
and then called back and said, 
"Have 'em back a bag.  They can spend the night."  
All THREE at a sleepover.  
bless their hearts. 

Our friends.  Duh.

October.  It makes me happy every year.

To me, it is the best of ALL of the months, 
and it doesn't hurt that it's my birthday month.  
Doesn't hurt at all.

 Happy Sunday (and Happy October), you beautiful beasts!
See ya soon! xoxo Jodie


  1. Funny. I have the same exact sentiment about October. Wonder why? Best month ever created. Period.

  2. oh, i'm so happy that you have those
    kind of friends. what a sweet little

    isn't october wonderful????? it's
    supposed to get down to 36 tonight.

    in ? weeks i get to visit my baby girl
    in brazil. i'm not allowed to give
    dates but just had to blurt that out.


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