The Sunday Six : 14

like these, par exampla:
Belts look so great around long(ish) cardigans over dresses. If I could, I'd fill my closet with just that. Well that and jeans.
And boots.
And booties.
And leggings.
And probably some other stuff.

It is easily the best way I've seen to keep track of wish lists. You can add anything from any site (as opposed to having a wish list on all of your favorite sites, or the archaic method of putting pen to paper only to have that paper get lost under heaps and piles of other papers that you've penned important information upon).   I like what wishpot is cookin' up.

Pork chop, pork chop, greasy greasy, 
making wish lists is now easy, easy.

I have no need for this, but I do have a strong want for this laundry bag.  Look at those ruffles!
I love tea cups and mugs.  Always have.  Since birth.  These are really stokin' my love fires right now.  There are 4 and they are all beautiful, every one!  They're not sold as a set, though (Marketing Communiss!) but they would make a lovely set if you ask me.  I could enjoy some serious hot chocolate up in there!

But that's not unusual, is it?  Everybody loves etsy.  Here are a few items I'm "favoriting" right now.
Raccoon coin purse!
Nice big purse or overnight bag
All this talk about overnight things, you'd think I had plans of going somewhere, but you'd be wrong.

a clean house
I really do love a clean house (which makes me wonder about myself why I don't keep one). Anyway, as much as I'd love to sit here instead, telling you about myself and all the things I love, I really gotta go.  As of this writing, I'm only a few days out from a party for the birthday girl and since we gonna have folks in here, I gotta get to scrubbin'.   Happy Sunday all o' y'all!  xo, Jodie


  1. Uck. I hate belts. I always feel like one of those long links of sausage cinched between links.

    The clean house I also love, but seem to love sitting on the couch more.

  2. i wish i had a tiny little waist for all those
    darling belts.

    i wish i were as clever as you!

    i wish you could have everything on your
    wish list.

    i wish you wouldn't mind if i ever linked
    over here to share your humor and
    vulnerability. pretty please.

  3. Mama: At this point in my life I really love the IDEA of belts than the actual wearing of them. I couldn't cinch in my waist right now for all the money in the world. Now maybe WITH all the money in the world... :)
    As for the house, I have the same problem.

    I wish I had the waist for it too.
    I wish I were as sweet as you.
    And your wish is granted... you can link back ANY time. I would never ever, ever have a problem with that. Not ever. xo!


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