The Sunday Six: 13

Edition: Things Worth Celebrating

It's coming and I love so much about it.  The lights, the ornaments, decorating the house, gift giving, family togetherness, gingerbread cookies, nippy air, the stockings, reindeer, the excitement, remembering God's goodness toward me... it's all good, good stuff.  Are you ready for it yet?  I am!

A Bumble!
Peppermint Mocha!
Believe the Love!
Come live at my house! On a white tree!  (Bring the tree!)
Every year I have to resist the urge to buy all new ornaments.



I'm so ready, if I could put up my tree this weekend without being laughed at by all my peers and relations, I would totally do it.   Don't put it past me.

Did you know that each of us (luck of luck!) have 364 unbirthdays every year? Three sixty-four! It's true!  If today is not your birthday, then it is your UNbirthday! A very merry unbirthday to you!   So get to celebratin'!  Build yourself a cake or something.

God's Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.  Very, very thankful for that lately.  I really need it and I'm so glad he gives it.

It's free.  It's freeing.  love/love

Every year around Thanksgiving I am particularly thankful for this one thing.  Twelve years ago, I ate Thanksgiving Dinner in jail.  Let it be known it was no celebration.  Actually and factually, there was no celebration to be found anywhere in the clink.  Excepting of course, the day of my release.  Sobriety is a gift I never could've given myself. See #3.

middle's birth
Our sweet, tenderhearted baby girl is six this week. 

xo, Jodie


  1. Very thankful and excited for all of these, too... well, maybe not the running part. I love you!


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