The Sunday Six : 12

the fair.  I've been craving a fair corndog for a full week now.  I've never had one so can't say for certain that I do actually love them, but really, can this sort of thing be doubted?  Too bad though, because there's not even a prospective fair on my horizons.
 (Edited to add: Mama had the corndog.  Mama liiiiike.)

Generic names.  They are, to me, outrageously funny.  Take, par exampla, the Snuggie.  There is a knock-off, as if that were even necessary.  The original is so bad it should BE a generic.  The cousin is called the Fuzzie Wuzzie.  I even took a picture with my phone when I saw it in Big Lots, after I finished laughing heartily at it, but bennis I don't know how to get it from my phone to my computer...

Date nights.  We have had one two (or is it three) Fridays in a row now. 

This chocolate:
If we're friends on Facebook, well then you've already heard about it. It is certainly worth a 2nd mention, I dare say.  So there you are, dually noted.

Parenting books.  I seriously don't know where I'd be without them.  Institutionalized is a good guess though.  A real good guess.

Spider poison.  When you hate spiders, spider poison is a good thing to love.  If you'd have seen the tuh tie The Hubsslayer killed today, you'd be a fan of the poison, too.  You would.  And it was bearing younglings.  It clearly had no respect for my poor nerves.  It had to be destroyed, and destruction is what it reaped.

And all the Earth was filled with gladness. 

...and that's a wrap!  Maybe next week I'll get this out on time... perchance.  Time will be the tell.

Happy Sunday Six Wednesday!  xo, Jodie


  1. 1- the 'state fair' brand ones are good though if you bake em long enough. they aren't deep fried right in front of you, but they'll do in a pinch. now i want one.
    2-fuzzie wuzzie! that's hilarious! plus, that's a stolen knock off name.


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