The Sunday Six : syv : Edition Fanciful Furbishing

syv  : Danish : seven

fanciful [fan-si-fuh'l]
1. characterized by or showing fancy
2. imaginary; unreal

This list is both.

I got this catalog in the mail this week and immediately went weak in the knee area.
So many things to love, I could devote an entire Sunday Six to it... and so I have.
Lucky you.

Look!  Shelves with LADDERS!!  Oh Mercedes.  [mer-cuh-dees] I love these.   I need two please,  to "faux flank" my sofa, which is a term I just made up to mean I want them positioned against the imaginary wall with a big space between them,  with my imaginary sofa out in front of them, not between them in a "traditional flank".
I'd put all my favorite books on the top shelves just so I could shimmy up the ladders mo' often.
I really like tufted sofas.
Duck cloth in Fog, please.
The love fires are burnin' down the house.
I love them.  They love me.
Our love for each other runneth deep.
This one is double good.  It bears two of my favorite elements:
1. being an armoire.
+ 2. shutters.
Hourglasses!  Who doesn't love hourglasses?!
Not me.  I don't doesn't.  I definitely does.
Especially these, because their aesthetics are beautifuls!!
These are large, ya heard?  If these were mine, I'd put them on a slender table behind my sofa.
Are you picturing my stupid-awesome room yet?
It is stupid awesome.
I like to sit on the couch and read after the kids have gone to bed. Problem is, I don't have a lamp nearby for lighting so I usually have to turn on "the big light".  
This one would be just right to ma' fake liberry, where I would like to be doing all of my after-hours reading.
I love a good Entry.  Mostly (maybe?) because I don't have one.  
One door leads right into our living room; 
the other, into the quite ill-favored laundry room.
But this... I love everything about this.
Solid wood (beautiful finish), SPACE for everybody's everything, and maybe my favorite element of all: an industrial + farmhouse feel. 
If you'd like to play along you are under no obligation to follow a theme.
'Course you can if you want, but Imaginary Decorating is not an Assignment.
Just make a list of whatever is stoking your love furnace this week!

Also!  You don't have to link up.  You could just leave me a few of your favorite things in the comment section.  I'd like to know what's stolen your heart this week.

Happy Sunday, you beautiful people!
Thanks for coming visit!


  1. well, you have lovely and fanciful taste, for sure.
    we have a mud hall with cubbies like in one of
    your photos, and it is so wonderful.

    however, in cleaning them out a few days ago,
    i found a dead snake.

    SO, if you ever get them, clean them out more
    faithfully than i do.

    as you say, just sayin'.


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