The Sunday Six : Nuen

nuen : German

hautelook Have you seen this yet?  Every time I go I get excited about something I see.  Clothes, purses, makeup, shoes, cool housewares... The discounts are usually deep (like $18 Department Store lip color and eye shadows for $3-$4 -- that's cheaper than WalMart!) and you can buy stuff for yourself, your man, your bébés, your home.  Or your friends who may or may not (or may) be having birthdays soon. And Christmas is (SOMEHOW) right around the corner!

This picture : it makes me happy.

Questions.  I like it when people ask me questions.  I can answer some tough questions; I'm quite good at it.  You may be surprised.  For example, I know Barbie's last name.  (At least I think I do.)(Yes, I'm certain of it.  I just double-checked.)  So see, I know some stuff.   So, you got anything for me?  I challenge you to bring to me your toughest questions.  Let me to exampilate:
answer: If flarp is an instrument, then mayonnaise gets to be an instrument, too.
So yes, mayonnaise is indeed a musical instrument.

See? Highly qualified.

Highly.  You need not be dubious.

Tuesdays.  That's a weird day to love, maybe, but Mondays are so hectic for us, and my weekends are spent preparing for Monday. Sunday, incidentally still feels like Sunday, but Tuesday is now like Saturday to me.  So now I love Tuesdays.

I once had a kitty named Ezra that looked almost entirely like this one.  (Oohhhh I wanna hold it!) So small and cute was Ezra that every time we looked at her all we could do was laugh, laugh, and laugh. (because.... How was she even alive?!)

Traffic Tetris.  It's a game I play when I'm driving. When all of the lanes have cars lined up and I slip into an empty lane, I feel like a straight bar falling into and clearing out 4 lines of tetrominoes. Boo ya! So satisfying! Level up! (Confession: I just learned the word 'tetrominoes'.  Otherwise, I'd have just called them "square thing... things".)  BOOM! Educated.

Anyway, hope your Sunday is satisfying.  xo Jodie


  1. How can it be that as the 'manager'
    of approximately 7 stray cats, master of none, that I would even consider an additional one simply because I see 'a cute one'? Perhaps the hope that a new one might actually talk to me and want to be my friend.

  2. I'm glad you like Tuesdays so much. I, for one, cannot stand them. I much prefer Thursdays - almost the weekend, but with one business day left to take care of all my business...whatever that is.

  3. P.S. If you like hautelook, you might like zulily. Lots of neat stuff for kids and moms. :)

  4. i love these hilarious SIX!

    question: who was our third president's
    first girl friend?

    and 'thrunchy?' THRUNCHY? :)

    are you thinking of ms. thrunchbull?

    speaking of her, i mentor a little girl
    who looks just like matilda's darling
    little friend with the glasses.

  5. Bird: Are you in need of assistance (obviously yes you are) or is that a hypothetical question (because no one can help you now).

    Bren: Thanks! I'll have to check that out.

    Lea: Thank you for loving! :)
    Answer: Rebecca Burwell.
    Also, yes thrunchy. Isn't that a great word? It's an obsolete word I ran across a while back and fell in love with. It means irritated/irritable.

  6. yes, you are correct. (i have no idea)

    i love that word and am sure that
    roald dahl knew it and named ms.
    thrunchbull after it.

    i love words, too!

  7. Traffic Tetris. That's the best.


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