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I realize I skitzed out and didn't post last week. I just didn't have it in me. I'm sure you're all extremely relieved to see I've returned to you this week with The (Beloved) Sunday Six. I just know you've been waiting with bated breath (not interchangeable with baited breath, incidentally. Totally different thing...).

I would like these to wrap around my living room,
like a modern twist on the wallpaper border, circa 1990.
I'd love a set of these in every room in my house.
Every room.

This is called the Blog Writers Dress.

Verily I say unto you, everything about this dress is calling unto me.
You may remember that I recently posted about a watch.  Or maybe you don't remember given you're probably not as obsessed as I am with the things that I love.  About that other watch though, my sister, The Shiz, snatched it up for me as a birthday gift, and early-gifted me with it. She's super, and her super-power is being The Shiz. This watch is my 2nd pick, for the days when I get all slicked up.

...and that is all. 
As usual, participate if you want (in the comment section), but I won't bate my breath.


  1. 4 & 5 are must-haves.

    Does a blog-writer's dress means one must wear that dress as she blogs? Hmmm ... interesting.

  2. That sweater = love. I've been ogling it for a while now too, only in 'wise owl' instead of purple. *sigh*


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