The Sunday Six: Sase

Sase : Romanian

Welcome! Welcome!
I'm tho happy to thee juithe!
Let'th get thtarted! 

And in case you have not been formally introduced to the illustriousness that is Dave Barnes at Chreethmathtime, please click HERE.


Three cheers for
tights, leggings, and fall shoes!
Come quickly cool weather.  Hasten thyself!

I fancy myself a girl who loves to take walks.
I can't say for sure how I know this about myself,
for I haven't had much opportunity for the activity,
but I just know in my knower,
that this is just the type of place I love walk in.

Le sigh.

My favorite cool weather scent in all the land
(that I know of, of course)
is Coco, Mademoiselle. 
If it tasted as good as it smells, I'd drink it.
Fo. Sho.
I haven't worn a watch in years, (years I say!) but when I saw this,
for the first time in the longest I WANTED a watch.
I wanted this watch.
You know my two favorite days of all the seasons?
The first real Spring day after the misery of cold, wet Winter.
The 2nd? The first real Fall day after the misery of
One of which is just around the corner!
Yippity Skippity!

The first cool snap hits and I'm like a philly!
I want to go outside and get to buckin' and jumpin'!

Running.  I've put off getting back to it all Summer, because well, while I love running, I also love not dying, and also, I was giving myself time to heal from Ankle Incident of the Summer of Twenty Ten.  A.I.o.t.S.o.T.T. for short.  With cooler temps on the horizon I think it's time I kick it back into gear.  I'm looking forward to the fresh air and the sore calves. Bring it!

And that is how it's done.

Have a Happy Sundee!
...can't wait to read yours!


  1. Shoots. I forgot. I posted something else, so looks like I'll be doing the Tuesday Six.

    I do have a little something to post about perfume.

  2. Yeah, good luck with that running thing. *shudder*
    Your perfect walk picture need a turnstyle (is that what it's called) by the fence!


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