The Sunday Six: Fire

Again with the Norwegian.  What?  It's cool.  

Speaking of cool, [and that is what I call a successful segue],  I'm ready for Fall.  Also, with an October birthday right around the corner (subliminal message), pleath excuthe while I thop mythelf thilly!

(It is gonna be really hard for me to not write the rest of this post with a lisp. I make no promitheth to behave mythelf.) 

one, two (buckle my shoe)

Take a gander at these puppies.  (Puppieth!) Are they not delight-filled?  These would make my dogs happy.  Real happy.  
1. (source)  2. (source)
I really like the whole look this girl's got going on here.  The layering of the short sleeve over the long.  Real nithe.  Real nithe.

four (fire) 
Skinny Jeans.  Another thing I thought I could never love.  It's like I don't even know myself.  I still don't actually own a pair (sob!) -- not so sure I'm the right shape for them. The question being, am I too thick for the skinny?  Who knows... But I think I could love these... I do have a super big crush on them.


This clutch.  I don't often (mostly never) have occasion to carry something this fant see,  but if I should need one, this is the one I should very much like to have.
Okay, so let's see now,  I've got the jeans, the shoes, the bag and the cardigan.  All I need now is someplace to go.

For a long walk in this lovely Wood, for example, in which case I'd go with shoe option #2.  
 I fear though, that a walk of this kind may render my clutch useless.   
Unless of course I find a baby hedgehog!  
(And of course I would in a wood as lovely as such a one to house such a tree!)
(And such.)
...and when I do, I'll need something to bring her home in.
 The clutch!

Truly, you don't expect I could resist such a face as this, do you?  
Could you?
I really need a hedgehog now.
By the way, hérisson is how you say hedgehog in French.
I think that's what I'd name her.

Happy Thunday, Lovelieth.
xo, Jodie


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