The Sunday Six: Trzy

Trzy is how you say three in Polish.  Or at least that's how you spell it.   Just for fun, I will "number" them each week in varying foreign languages. I'll go with the scientific method of choosing whichever one sounds the coolest.  We're gonna get our learn on.  Boom. Educated.

You're welcome.

Or should I say, Du er velkommen.


Onto business.

Sometimes I like to dress like a young lass.

Some other times I prefer to dress like a Meir Meir. [If you don't know what a Meir Meir is, it's French for Mom Mom which essentially translates into Maw Maw.]

It's why my heart loves these both so equally and so much.

one, two [buckle my shoe]

Picnik photo editing.  Have you tried it yet?  It's how I edited those two photos (and created my cute little Sunday Six thing, which I also lurve).  Fun + Free.  (2) pts to Picnik!

Jazz for Kids.  I was initially taken with the cover because well, I'm a sucker for good packaging.  Sometimes a package is the best thing about a thing, but not this thing.  I tried to find a way to let you hear some of it, but there is nowhere on the internet to do that.  I scoured, I promise.  Nothing.  Kids love it.  I love it.  That's what I call a happy marriage.

This Leigh Nash lyric:
It takes years for rocks
to be made smooth.

Amen sister.

Weekends!  My little family is all together and we relax and do fun things... like sitting around kenching and yamming with our friends.  I hope you've enjoyed yours as much as we've enjoyed ours.  Sincerely, Jodie


  1. darling tops and foreign words. i hope we
    won't be having tests! . . . on either subject.

    this weekend? my middle son and i spent
    12 hours yesterday driving home from the
    mountains to the heat and humidity of our
    miserable city.

    can you tell i'm a little fussy?

  2. Oh Lea, I think anyone could excuse that fussiness. Dreadful dreadful dreadful is what I call that situation. You have my sympathy. :)

    As for the tests, there will be no such thing. I wouldn't want to be tested on them. That would take the fun right out of it.

  3. I want that striped shirt! But I followed the source, and alas, it is not available for purchase. Wednesday's child is full of woe.


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